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Social responsibility

Innovative ideas, constantly adjust the structure to cluster development to market orientation

Shenyang - take corporate social responsibility, actively participate in public welfare undertakings. With the continuous expansion of the scale of business, 64 laid-off workers have been laid down, which has contributed to the economic construction and social harmony and stability in the region. In 1996, the 918 do not forget national humiliation Memorial donations; in 1999, the establishment of outstanding poor college students in Liaoning Province - Shenyang rustproof grants "; in 2006, the Northeastern University in" sunshine education "fund plan; in 2008, donations for the 5.12 Sichuan earthquake of 2010; Qinghai, donations for the Yushu earthquake of 2011, for primary school; contributions to the building of the poor mountainous areas of Longsheng County of Guangxi province Guilin city. In December 2015, Shenyang anti rust, Shenyang rust prevention Party branch, Shenyang rust prevention trade union committee jointly set up "Love Charity Organization"". Only half of the time, the "charity organization" has to carry out youth in Yi City Community "were stationed in the building" docking, Kangping County, Shenyang City, helping the poor children's education into the school volunteer service activities for disabled children love, children's Welfare Institute of Shenyang "61" children's Day condolences and other forms, widely praised by the community.

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