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talent strategy

The existing technology center R & D personnel 35 people, including senior engineer more than 7 people, 28 engineers, personnel distribution of corrosion and protection, engineering plastics, pulp and paper, information engineering and other professional, equipped with various types of professional testing equipment and testing equipment more than 100 Taiwan (sets), to provide a strong guarantee for the development of enterprise products. Shenyang - since the plant adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation as the" business philosophy, commitment to the national Torch Program projects, SME Innovation Fund Project of national, provincial and municipal projects, 67 national patents, organization and participation in the formulation of national standards 9 and 2 military standard, a number of scientific and technological achievements fill the blank of the country, the products are widely used in iron and steel, equipment manufacturing, automobile and parts, aerospace, military equipment manufacturing and metal processing field, Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Anshan Iron and steel Limited by Share Ltd, Wuhan iron and steel (Group) company, Shenyang machine tool, Ningbo Haitian Group Limited by Share Ltd Limited by Share Ltd, FAW Volkswagen, BMW, Dongfeng Motor Company, Refco Group Ltd, Wafangdian City bearing Henan province ZYNP Limited by Share Ltd, Dongfang Steam Turbine Ltd., HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd., China Second Artillery Forces, and many other customers praised widely.

Talent strategy is the thinking of the future, focusing on the role of talents in promoting sustainable development and long-term development of enterprises
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