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technological innovation

Innovative ideas, constantly adjust the structure to cluster development to market orientation

R & D system

The technical center has the antirust package product management department, the antirust material product management department and the science and technology management department, specially is engaged in the antirust protection material research and the development. The product management department is responsible for the market research, technical feasibility analysis, product development implementation and market validation, confirmation of new product development, and responsible for the formulation of relevant patents. The production department is responsible for carrying out the pilot test with the technical center, carrying out the pilot test and trial production to ensure the feasibility and stability of the mass production after the product is put into production. The science and technology management department is responsible for organizing the internal and external experts to review the R & D projects, reporting and rewarding the outstanding projects, and responsible for the declaration and management of the intellectual property rights of the R & D projects. The quality management department under the company is responsible for the validation of R & D projects to ensure the quality and reliability of R & D results. Taking the technology center as the core, the relevant departments cooperate and check, formed the Shenyang antirust research and development system, so as to effectively guarantee the scientific, rigorous, effective and feasible of product development.

R & D capability

The product management as the core R & D team, composed by Professor level senior engineer of industry experts and professional and technical personnel, professional paper, covering the field of light industry, corrosion and protection, chemical industry, packaging and so on, at the same time outside the United States and Japan technical experts involved in the development of an important project. Technology center and China Academy of Sciences, Northeastern University and other research institutes work closely, by the arrangement of science and technology correspondent, guide enterprises to participate in the research work, our company set up in Shenyang city as a postdoctoral practice teaching base, cooperation project development. Based on years of experience in R & D and market applications, the technology center is fully capable of developing the following products according to market and customer requirements:
VCI packaging materials (paper, film, agent, buffer material);
Antirust oil (various types);
Antirust liquid;
Cleaning agent;
Protective packaging materials (composite packaging materials, vacuum packaging materials, high barrier packaging materials, shrink film, antistatic film, shielding film, etc.);
Metal surface treatment liquid (phosphating and passivation coating, silicon steel, rolling liquid, rust inhibitor, etc.);
Other anti rust protective materials.

R & D achievements

Fabric reinforced gas phase rust preventive paper:National key new products, the government of Liaoning province science and Technology Progress Award
Vapor phase rust preventive paper for silicon steel sheet:National key new products to fill the gaps in China
Vapor phase rust preventive paper for tin plate:National key new products, Liaoning provincial government science and technology progress award, Liaoning light industry excellent new product award
Vapor phase rust preventive paper for galvanized sheet:Fill the gap in China
Vapor phase rust preventive plastic film:The invention patent, the national key new product, China Patent prize, are included in the national Torch Program and formulated by the national standard
Environmental Friendly Non barium thixotropic rust preventive oil:The invention patent, a national key new products, outstanding new product award of Liaoning Province;
Vapor phase anti rust corrugated paperboard:National patents fill the gap in China
Vapor phase anti rust pearl cotton:Liaoning province small and medium enterprises specialize in special new products
Nano high barrier gas phase rust resistant high strength composite film:Liaoning small and medium-sized enterprises specialize in special new products, national key new products, Shenyang science and technology revitalization award, to fill the gaps in China
Vapor phase anti rust stretch film:Small and medium sized enterprises in Liaoning province famous products

Testing Center

Technology Center under the testing center, responsible for the inspection and testing work. The center has nearly 4000 square meters of research site, with synthetic test room, precise instrument room and physical inspection room, international standard testing room, accelerated corrosion test chamber, temperature test chamber and a large rain test chamber, try in laboratory and other professional offices, the United States, atmospheric corrosion tester, Germany, Germany, high and low temperature and constant temperature box test box, barrier test instrument, paper and film physical properties testing instrument, accelerated corrosion test equipment and other advanced equipment more than 100 sets of America equipped with UV spectrophotometry.
The center can follow the relevant standards at home and abroad, such as MIL-PRF-3420H, MIL-PRF-22019G, JIS Z 1535, TL 8135-0002, GB/T 19532-2004, QB/T 1319-91, etc. the following tests and tests are carried out:
The gas phase anti rust material, anti rust oil antirust performance test;
Protective packaging materials (paper, plastic and composite materials) physical properties detection;
Matching analysis of chemicals on metal surface;
Applicability analysis of rust preventive materials;
Test chamber metal antirust packing effect;
Laboratory analysis of the cause of metal corrosion;
Rust protection technology based on data analysis, test.
At present, the testing center is carrying out the CNAS national laboratory accreditation system construction. After completion, it can meet the requirements of ISO 17025 system, and the test data will be internationally recognized.
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